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I'm going to west of Ireland from 21.08 to 29.08. My plane goes from Beauvais to Shannon, and my journey will begin with Tarlee. I hope I will find many trad sessions in the pubs, during the festival of the Rose of Tralee.


After, I plan to go to Dingle few days. For the last days, on will see, before I go to Shannon to comme back home.


I get my wisthle with me, and hope I come back with many airs from Ireland !



I leave the comments of this blog "moderated", so you have to ait for end of august before you can see your texts.


See you soon ! (with better English,perhaps ?)



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1. coconuts  le 21-08-2008 à 01:33:50  (site)

enjoy Clin doeil !!!

2. aurore  le 21-08-2008 à 02:06:06  (site)

oh, good ! nice travel... many pleasures for you !... but not lot of beer !

3. mailes  le 21-08-2008 à 13:25:25  (site)

good holliday!
take care

4. jmdamien  le 21-08-2008 à 14:55:45  (site)

Have a good trip and a lot of fun. Take care of you because Guiness is strong and good there.

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